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What an exciting day!

At ten o’clock this morning, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that our school, Chase Street Elementary, is one of eight schools in Georgia (and only 269 schools in the entire United States!) to be named a National Blue Ribbon School.

We were honored as an “Exemplary Improving” school, which means that our Chase Street Tree Frogs have made significant overall improvements over the last five years.

Our district superintendent, Dr. Lanoue, says these improvements are the result of “inspiring teachers, strong neighborhood support and a belief that all students can be successful.”

Our principal, Dr. Kurtz, attributes our achievement to “collaboration among students, teachers, and families”–and the success of this cooperation is “evident in our happy students and their healthy relationships.”

As a relatively new teacher at Chase Street (I’ve only been our school librarian for a little over a year), I’m not sure how much I’ve contributed to our earning this recognition.

But I do know this:

I am surrounded, every day, by an amazing group of students, teachers, staff, families, and community members who are committed to learning and growing together.

And when you have a school filled with that much love and care and dedication, kids are bound to do great things.