International Dot Day has come and gone, and boy, did we have fun!

Last week in the library, PreK and kindergarten read The Dot by Peter Reynolds. They loved the message of the story–that anyone can make their mark and be an artist. Most kids’ favorite part was when the main character, Vashti, goes from painting little dots to painting BIG dots!

After we read the story, we talked about how we could make our own art out of dots. Each student received a swirly frame like the one Vashti’s teacher uses in the story, and in the center of each frame I had stamped a plain outline of a circle.

We explored different ways we could make dot art, from coloring our dots and frames in our favorite colors to incorporating our dots into bigger pictures like Donald Crews does in his book Ten Black Dots (which kindergarten read in their classrooms this week).

All the kids were so creative with their dots, some keeping them simple and others letting their imaginations (and their crayons) run wild!

Here are some of the dots they made:

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When all the students’ little dots were finished, I mounted them onto giant colored dots and hung them up outside the library…

…along with our certificate of Dot Day participation signed by Peter Reynolds himself:

I was so excited to hang the kids’ work in the hallway, and I’m sure they’ll be excited to see it when they come in tomorrow morning. 🙂

Then, on Saturday, I visited Avid for their fabulous International Dot Day event.

Rachel Watkins (a Tree Frog momma extraordinaire who also coordinates events and kid stuff at the bookshop) read us two books by Peter Reynolds, The Dot and Ish, and then we all got time and supplies to make dots ourselves (which was perfect since I hadn’t gotten to make my own yet!).

look at all these dots made by Chase Street Tree Frogs!
(photo by Rachel)

There were three other Chase Street Teachers at Avid, making dots alongside a half dozen of our students (whose dots are featured in the photo above). It was so much fun!

After I left, a few Tree Frogs even did a Dot Day dance. I was sorry to have missed this, but thanks to Rachel and the magic of the internet, this whimsical moment has been preserved for us: