How do our actions on land affect animal life in the sea?

Last week, our 3rd and 5th grade students learned just how much of an impact their choices can have on marine life, thanks to a very special program called “Reading Between the Lines,” provided by the UGA Marine Extension Service in partnership with the Georgia Sea Grant.

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(You can read more about the program on the Georgia Sea Grant website and in UGA’s official press release.)

Jill Gambill, Communications Director for the Georgia Sea Grant College Program, visited all four 3rd grade homerooms and both of our 5th grade classes for this interactive presentation, which included a fun multimedia read-aloud of the book The Flying Debris by Ed Hose and Lisa Liguori, true stories and photos of animals affected by marine debris, and hands-on activities to show students how much of our trash can be recycled, reused, and re-purposed.

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(Thanks to graduate assistant Lacey Avery for taking such great photos to document our students’ experience and for coming to assist Jill with our two largest groups!)

Not only did our 3rd and 5th grade students learn a ton about marine ecology and conservation, but they also received nifty reusable shopping bags, their very own paperback copies of The Flying Debris, a temporary tattoo, fun activity sheets, and a brand new bookmark upcycled from discarded laundry detergent packaging (which, by the way, smelled lovely!).

On top of that, all of our students got to enjoy this amazing display of books during the month of October:

Ed Hose (left) and Lance Sabbe (right) with the custom-made Flying Debris book display that visited our school for the month of October
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…AND our school received our own donated copies of all nine books on the display so that all of our students and teachers can read and enjoy them for years to come!

We loved having Jill visit to teach us about marine ecology, and we look forward to more collaboration opportunities with her in the future!

PS – Sofia C. enjoyed this presentation so much that she decided to write about it for her post this week on the 5th grade blog!