As you can probably tell, we’ve been on a bit of a Judith Viorst kick in the library lately!

One 3rd grade class shared their worries.

Our 2nd and 4th graders would love to be in charge of the world.

And in 1st grade last week, our 1st graders took their inspiration from two more great poems in Judith Viorst’s If I Were in Charge of the World: “Learning,” which is a funny poem about the difficulty of learning our manners, and “Goodbye Six, Hello Seven!”, which is a great poem about the privileges–and responsibilities–of getting older.

our class Padlet for this writing activity - click to visit!
our class Padlet for this writing activity – click to visit!

As we read the poems together, we talked about how being a 1st-grader-who’s-about-to-be-a-2nd-grader means you’re a big kid. You know how to do cool things that little kids can’t, you learn all sorts of things in school that little kids don’t understand, and you have a lot more responsibilities.

Then I introduced our writing assignment: to think about all the things that we have been learning to do this year! I encouraged students to think about academic subjects like math, reading, writing, science, and social studies, but I also pushed them to consider things like art, music, PE, technology, clubs and extracurricular activities, chores at home, and even games that they like to play.

So, what have our 1st graders been learning?

I’ll let them tell you. 🙂

(Click any poem to view larger.)