The library isn’t the only place our Tree Frogs have been writing poems lately–many teachers have been doing poetry activities in their classrooms, too!

George Ella Lyon wrote a lovely list poem titled “Where I’m From”, which I’ve seen used with older kids and adults as a poetry prompt, but I’ve never seen it done with 1st grade before–and I think you’ll love the results!

In Mrs. Moore’s 1st grade class, each student wrote his or her own “I am From” poem to share about their families, their homes, and the things that they love.

title slide

Mrs. Moore created a Google Presentation with a slide for each student and shared the file with her 1st graders, who did all of their own typing for this project. Isn’t that amazing?

(One of Mrs. Moore’s classroom volunteers told me that some of the kids were very quick typists and finished within a few minutes, while others took a little longer to get their words onto their slides–but, in the end, everyone finished their poem!)

Click any poem to view larger: