Sorry for this belated message, but now that book fair is all packed up, picked up, and officially in the books:

Thank you!

First, we couldn’t run our very busy book fair without a veritable army of amazing volunteers!

Thanks to our PTO, and especially to Josh Koons and Tiffanie Reid, for spreading the word about volunteering at the fair and making sure I had plenty of help throughout the process.

Thanks to Kitty Lay, Jane Baxter, Kjirsten Ogburn, Angela Welch, Anthony Esposito, Becky Hammock, Mary Conrad, and Glen Pridgen for setting the book fair up! They rearranged the entire library, shelved books, moved furniture, and created attractive book fair displays–all in under 3 hours. It was one of the quickest, smoothest book fair assemblies we’ve ever had, even with three extra cases of merchandise, and it looked great:

Thanks also to Wanda White, Karen Gerow, Angela Welch, Kitty Lay, Marlene Bryan, Jane Baxter, and Kristen Landry for providing snacks for the teacher’s sneak peek–and extra thanks to Kristen for making the table so festive with fall prints and pumpkins:

The teachers always appreciate snacks and fizzy water!
The teachers always appreciate snacks and fizzy water!

Thanks to Rachel Irwin, Julie Darnell, Christina Dondero, Anthony Esposito, Angela Welch, Jana Harwell, Madie Fischetti, Lisa Dondero, Kathy Rohs, Becky Hammock, Carrie Bishop, Anne Gunton, Leslie Ferguson, Emily Luken, Josh Koons, Kristen Morales, and Windy Vereen for helping students and families shop the book fair and for running cash registers. Some of those early morning rushes and family night were extra busy, so the help was much appreciated!

And thanks to Marlene Bryan, Monira Silk, Amber Fetner, Arlyn Hawley, Hillary Savage, Mary Conrad, and Glen Pridgen for helping pack up the fair at the end of the week. The library was (mostly) back to normal by 1:30 that afternoon–and considering the book fair didn’t close until 1:00, that’s kind of amazing. 🙂

Next, huge amounts of gratitude to all the families who quite kindly purchased gift certificates and books to fulfill teachers classroom wish lists. And special thanks to Koons Environmental Design and several anonymous “book fairies” whose generosity helped ensure that (unless we were sold out of an item) every single teacher’s wish list was 100% fulfilled!

Except for items that we sold out of, ALL of teachers wishes were fulfilled!
There were no wishes left at the end of the week!

I’d also like to thank the Chase Street staff for adjusting your schedules, communicating with families, and building a contagious love of reading in your classrooms. Book fair couldn’t happen without the support of everyone in our school!

Which brings me, finally and most importantly, to the students. Thanks to the kids who spent the whole week buzzing with excitement about books! Every single child in our school got at least one book from the book fair, whether they bought it themselves, shopped with their family, received a gift from a mentor or Froggy Friend, or purchased a book using one of our All for Books vouchers (funded by generous donations and our book fair profits). Seeing a lifelong love of reading blossom in our students is the very best part of my job.

While I don’t have an exact number for how many books were sold at our fair, I do have a nifty graphic from our book fair website. Scholastic gives us the option to set a book fair goal, and then they generate a number of books based on our sales.

This year, the goal I set was about three books per child (our student population is ~485)–and, as you can see, we far exceeded that target!

Wow! I am blown away by these numbers!
Wow! I am just blown away by these numbers! That’s over 2,000 books!

What does this mean? We can continue providing books for students who otherwise might not get to buy them. We can continue funding exciting events like author visits. And we can continue stocking our library with all kinds of brand new books for our students and teachers to read and enjoy. (I’m already working on a shiny stack of books from the fair that will be ready for checkout later this week!)

My most heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make our book fair a success. You are all amazing!

Now that our fall book fair is over, we’ll be back to business as usual in the library. Stay tuned for some spooky stories later this week! 🙂