We had some spooky fun in the library this week!

Pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st grade read Inside a House That Is Haunted by Alyssa Capucilli, The Spooky Wheels on the Bus by J. Elizabeth Mills, and The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey. We also did an interactive activity on the SMART Board where we decorated witches, scarecrows, and jack-o’-lanterns! Click the picture if you’d like to play, too:

Zoe’s Halloween Dress-up Game from Sesame Street

In 2nd-5th grades, we did a variety of Halloween- and monster-themed reading and writing activities. 

Each 2nd grade class read a different monster book. After reading, the class collaborated to write and illustrate their own books on Storybird based on the books they had read. We really enjoyed writing our monster stories, and we hope you enjoy reading them!


Click the monster to read our 2nd grade stories!

In 3rd grade, we read the book Little Shop of Monsters by R.L. Stine (creator of Goosebumps) and illustrated by Marc Brown (creator of the Arthur series). After reading, each student created his or her own monster, named it, and described its habitat, features, behavior, and diet. Students illustrated their monsters, and then they were compiled into a book for each class’s own Little Shop of Monsters:


Click here to read 3rd grade’s monster books!
Each 4th and 5th grade class collaborated to write a silly spooky story using Storybird, making sure to include the elements of problem/solution, dialogue, and surprise:


Click the egg to read 4th and 5th grade’s stories!

It was so much fun reading, writing, and playing with all of our students this week. 

How are you celebrating this spooky time of year?