Every year, our school collects canned goods and other non-perishable items to benefit the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank, a local non-profit organization that provides food to more than 5,000 people each year. AAEFB and the Can-a-Thon are currently in their 35th year of helping our community!

During the month of November, students and teachers are encouraged to bring items. Teachers submit their contributions via a Google form as they come in, so we always have a running total of how many cans have been collected by each class. Teachers’ own contributions are counted towards a teacher total.

We also display our school’s contributions on a large graph in the cafeteria so students can visually track their classes’ progress throughout the month:

We already have one kindergarten class whose total is literally off the charts!
We already have one kindergarten class whose total is literally off the charts!

In the end, the classes who collect the most cans will earn the opportunity to take a walking field trip to the Food Bank, where director Kim Ramos will take classes on a tour of the food bank and teach them how the food bank’s workers distribute food to needy families in our community.

Teachers are not required to participate in this incentive, and sometimes scheduling a field trip in the midst of year-end chaos is a challenge! But the students who do participate get a lot out of it, and I love that our school is close enough to the food bank for us to do this. What an amazing way for students to get a first-hand glimpse of how their kindness and generosity can help brighten a family’s holiday season!