Despite the radio silence, things have been busy in the Tree Frog library! I hope I’ll have a chance to update you all on the goings-on this spring, but in the meantime…

2016-05-05 15.12.51

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April and prepare for next week’s Poetry Picnic, we’ve been writing a LOT of poems in the library!

You can visit our digital poetry showcase here:

Click on any poem’s description to read our students’ wonderful writing!

Some of the poems were created from whole-class collaborations, while others are students’ individual work.

(There were over 200 individual poems published in the library this year, and I wish I’d had time to digitize all of them! I hope you’ll enjoy the ones I was able to include.)

Chase Street families & staff: All of our poems will be on display outside the library from now until the last week of school if you’d like to visit them in real life instead of digitally. 🙂

We hope you enjoy reading our writing as much as we enjoyed creating it!