I’m so proud to share about our Super Summer Readers!

Pictured here: Dr. Kurtz, Benjamin, Branturan, Lorenzo, Molly, Nola, Soleil, Asher, Emlyn, Mrs. Hudson, and Mr. Evan Bush from the public library when he came to present our trophy!

Each summer, public libraries around the country hold their annual summer reading programs. I participated in our program at the Hart County Library every year when I was a kid, and I always encourage our Chase Street Tree Frogs to participate at the Athens-Clarke County Library.

This year, the program was a little bit different. Besides having awesome summer events and rewarding students individually for their reading, our public library also held a contest to see which elementary school had the most Super Summer Readers.

To be counted towards a school’s total, students had to turn in reading logs showing that they had read at least 50 books or read for at least 25 hours. The library also had a special recognition for students who read at least 100 books or 50 hours.

Mrs. Hudson’s daughter Melvie won’t count towards the Chase Street totals for a couple more years, but she was excited to be a Super Summer Reader, too!

At the beginning of this school year, I was so excited to learn that our school had 46 students meet these reading goals, which made Chase Street School the winner of the giant green trophy that you see above.

Today, Mr. Evan from the public library  came to present the award, and now it’s living in our library for the rest of the year. Which school will win the trophy next year? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

We are so proud of our Chase Street Tree Frogs for their super summer reading!